Hackers Against Natural Disasters

Saturday 12:00am, Main hall


(2b) Data users: Non-profit and public service

Gael Musquet, Loïc Ortola 30min


Populations living in a high seismic area don’t all have the same level of preparation for disasters. What can we do when the government does not provide enough information (safe points, dangerous areas) nor prevention against those risks? Both civil society and the OSM Community came together and produced the missing data and emergency maps for the locals and tourists to use. H.A.N.D. brings together hackers, makers, OpenStreetMap mappers and radioham skills to help our neighbours, raise awareness, and demonstrate how technology can save lives Today. Gael Musquet (CxLinks) and Loic Ortola (Jawg maps) will introduce you to the awesome projects they have been working on, to the organization and to the challenges it fights. https://youtu.be/XOMwkSWeW8w http://hand.team