Introduction to OSM: Mapping with iD editor and JOSM

Sunday 9:30am, Room 5

Introduction to OSM, first steps for beginners

(1a) Data contributors: Community

Sidorela Uku 75min

Open Labs Hackerspace Tirana

This workshop will represent the first steps to OpenStreetMap, startting with an account and further explaining the process of mapping. An introduction with two of the moslyt used editors such as iD editors and JOSM. Mapping is a way of visualizing our world and OSM offer many features to do that. Through the workshop I aim to get more people involved in contributing in mapping on also and also provide help during their the first steps. This workshop will not only be for people which haven’t yet started but also for newbies that need help. It can be organized as a short mapathon for unmapped areas interwined with the proces of learning.