MapCampaign: Manage large mapping projects while leveraging local knowledge

Saturday 12:30pm, Main hall

Community growth and diversity, outreach

(2b) Data users: Non-profit and public service

Paul Uithol 30min


Recently, HOT has started the development process on the “MapCampaign” web app. MapCampaign is similar to the Tasking Manager, but geared more towards supporting large scale field mapping projects.

MapCampaign aims to encourage more users of OSM apps to contribute local knowledge and collect data through mobile apps, while supporting the management of large scale data collection campaigns by offering tools to monitor areas where data has been collected, metrics on the quality and completeness of collected data, and tools for data review.

It does this by connecting several existing tools, such as the Tasking Manager, OSM Analytics, and the Export tool, and allowing for integration with various mapping applications (such as OpenMapKit and The development of MapCampaign is part of a project (sponsored by the US Department of State) to utilize open data and mapping to aid the humanitarian response to the refugee crises in Turkey and northern Uganda.