Mapping efforts in an unsurveyed land: Koorachundu village panchayat experience

Saturday 2:00pm, Room 1

Local community

(1b) Data contributors: Public administration (open data, data feedback...)

Jaisen Nedumpala 30min

Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (SMC)

Local governments are the custodians of asset registers which contain the details of basic infrastructure including road networks and other public facilities they maintain. Central govt guidelines to formulate projects requires GIS to be applied for the sake of accuracy and precision. But the state of affairs at Koorachundu Village Panchayat (local government) is that we have no cadastral map, no GIS. So, There is a need of baseline GeoData for Developmental Planning and Implementation, administration purposes, and in case of emergencies without hassle.

There is an ongoing work to build an OpenGeoData repository. First phase of the work was an OpenStreetMap mapping party. After uploading and editing all the data in OpenStreetMap, it was processed using QGIS. The Village Panchayat got a more accurate map. The second phase of this work is on progress, involving the surveyors from the Dept. of Survey & Land Records and the authorities at the revenue village offices of the area.