Mapping with a time dimension

Friday 12:00am, Room 1

Cartography and visualisation

(1a) Data contributors: Community

Daan van Ramshrost 30min

Map of Humanity

I will speak about the progress I have made from last year’s lighting-talk at Brussels of a vision to start a non-profit startup aiming at making one unified map of the world history. Using the latest technologies like vector tiles to add a time dimension to every map tile. I would also speak about the challenges of building a platform form scratch, build a community, to getting significant funding from local government, and much more.

I would expand about how opensource non profit startups are important, different and sometimes more challenging to conventional startups. I would also talk about how the size of the ambition is overwhelming (all the data from osm for every year of history wile adding more different types of data) and the only way to make this project feasible is to run it like a rapid growth startup and use the money of crowdsourcing campaigns, local government, other organisations and businesses to create a employee base to grow and strengthen a community.