MapRoulette: One million corrections and beyond

Saturday 10:00am, Main hall

Organisational, legal

(3c) Core OSM: OSMF board (strategy and vision)

Martijn van Exel 30min

MapRoulette has been around for a few years, and mappers have fixed close to a million things in OSM using it. However, not everyone agrees that MapRoulette and tools like it are good for OSM because, some argue, it encourages ‘armchair mapping’ rather than on the ground surveying.

In this talk, I will discuss MapRoulette’s important and sustained role in improving map data quality. I will demonstrate how MapRoulette’s ongoing development continues to address community concerns, and propose ways forward for MapRoulette and other QA tools in OSM. I especially invite you to attend if you are critical of MapRoulette as your feedback is important to its development!