Mobile app development with routing and voice navigation

Friday 10:30am, Room 1

IT and technical, operations

(2b) Data users: Non-profit and public service

Taro Matsuzawa 30min


We developed an OpenStreetMap-driven smartphone application named “Daredemo Navi” for Kobe City’s “Shiawase-no-Mura” (Village of Happiness) in Japan. “Shiawase-no-Mura” is a comprehensive welfare complex equipped with a variety of integrated facilities designed to support independent living for the disabled and the elderly. “UDNavi” is designed to support this clientele.

The turn-by-turn navigation with optional text-to-speech guidance supports both, the visually impaired as well as wheelchair users. Also the map design takes into account visually handicapped users and is easy-to-read for anyone with color blindness.

This presentation will focus on technical and development aspects:

  • How to write a routing function and build navigation texts with RoR and osm2pgrouting.
  • How to customize Mapbox Vector Tiles with OpenMapTiles, and how to distribute both vector tiles and raster tiles with custom-designed style.
  • How to support both iOS and Android with ReactNative WebView.