Pic4Carto: precise remote mapping with open street-level pictures

Saturday 12:30pm, Room 1

Cartography and visualisation

(1c) Data contributors: Companies (data feedback, driven by need of data...)

Adrien Pavie 30min


More and more street-level, geolocated pictures are now openly available over the web (thanks to Wikimedia Commons, Mapillary, Flickr or OpenStreetCam). These pictures are full of information about our streets : fire hydrants, benches, road lanes, wheelchair access… However, they are not as used as they could. This is due to the fact that each picture provider has its own website, its own API… For a mapper, it’s complicated to access every available picture in one click. That’s why Pic4Carto was created : to make simply available all pictures in a given area as a slideshow. That way, you can review all pictures and add rapidly whatever you want on OpenStreetMap. This talk will present you Pic4Carto, how it works, how you can use it in combination with other OSM tools, and how you can create your own web maps with the core library.