Vehicle position visualization project in heavy snow zone

Saturday 10:30am, Room 1

GIS, data use and data analysis

(2a) Data users: Commercial

西本浩幸 30min


In the Aizu area snow removing vehicles are essential during the winter season. The main operator would receive telephone inquiries related to snow removal from citizens, confirm with their workforce, and make a call back. By mapping the position of the snow removal vehicle online and in real time we can answer these enquiries much more efficiently.

When municipality budgets became constrained, we considered open resources to reduce cost includng SORACOM, Firebase and OpenStreetMap. The operator was impressed with the level of detail in OpenStreetMap. We are always in the state to act together on the theme of open data and we can communicate at any time. Because I was watching their advanced efforts and exchanging information, I was able to take the time to introduce OpenStreetMap without hesitation.