Data Update Frequency And User Interaction

Friday Lightning talk, Main hall

Toshikazu Seto, Nobusuke Iwasaki and Yuichiro Nishimura 30min

the University of Tokyo

In this presentation, we will discuss to evaluate the activity level of creating OSM data, which update frequency, the number of users involved and the communication data via a Note function in each region of Japan. OSM data in the same way as other countries in Japan, generally data in large cities are substantial. On the other hand, in recent years from the fact that the mapping party in rural areas has become more active, by looking at the local update frequency and Note data, it may be possible to discover a different trend. Number of notes about 20 rank of world has approximately 10,000, but resolution (closed) rate is less than 50%. From January 2017 is a downward trend in Japan OSM-notes, however has become many modifications based on external services, such as Facebook. There is a need for more active communication.