Lightning talks

Lightning talks is do on Friday and Sunday. All the wonderful talks. Let's go listening to everything. If time permits there may be space for one or two more 5 minute Lightning talks. Be ready to go!

Friday's Lightning talks

Mapping well with MAPS.ME and how people fail at that

by Ilya Zverev

“MAPS.ME built-in editor is simple, but simplicity means not only a few options to choose from, but also hidden features. You can add an amenity, but how to find a...

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OpenStreetMap in my home (How OSM affected to my family's life)

by Naoko Inoue

My husband started OSM since 2008 and has participated with my family in various activities up to now. I will talk about family and family impacts participating in the activities,...

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by 瀧口 典子

“OpenStreetMapに出会って約3年。 既存の地図を使うだけでなく、自ら地理データを作成できる! そのデータは、どこかで誰かの役に立つかもしれない。 もともと山歩き・まち歩きが好きだったこともあり、 密かな喜びも感じつつ、マッピングの世界に入り、 今では、どこへ行くにも切り離せないものになっています。 もっと前から知っていたら、あんなとこ、こんなとこも書けたのになあ と思うことも。


  1. 旅へ行く前の準備 いろいろ資料を準備します。 地図を見てどんなとこかなあとワクワクしますね。 真っ白だったら私たちの出番かと。
  2. まちあるき(サーベイ) 最近はGPSログは必須。 ついつい、いろんなものに目がいってしまいます。 一種の病気かもしれません。
  3. 旅から帰った後の振り返りの楽しさ 写真を見ながら思い出に浸る。 OpenStreetMapに出会ってからはここにマッピング作業も加わります。 uMapなどで思い出マップを作成したりもできます。 GPSログのuploadは失念してます。(不要ログ部分の分離後対応できれば)


  • 京都世界遺産マッピングパーティー
  • 国宝・浪漫マッピングパーティー
  • 各地のウィキペディアタウン
  • 諸国・浪漫マッピングパーティー
  • ...
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DigitalGlobe Open Data Program: Satellite Imagery for Disaster Response

by Andrew Steele

In recent years, the use of satellite imagery has become an indispensable source of information for natural disaster response and emergency management. This talk will introduce DigitalGlobe’s Open Data program,...

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A senior group activity in Kakegawa, Japan

by 平賀興紀

This talk may be in Japanese. In this talk, Kohki will look at some of the mapping activity that’s going on in Kakegawa, Japan. In order to progress a lifelong...

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Making Argentina's slums visible nationwide for goverment and academy

by Juan Ignacio Lacueva

Wingu and TECHO are 2 NGOs that partnered to map 2432 slums nationwide and make the situation of 650685 visible to the public, government and academic institutions ( Without OSM...

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Kort game reloaded: The fun continues!

by Stefan Keller

Kort is a gamification project which helps to improve OpenStreetMap data. Previously it was implemented for browsers on mobile phones. Now it’s being relaunched as a native app for Android...

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Evaluation of the data update frequency and user interaction of OSM in Japan

by Toshikazu Seto, Nobusuke Iwasaki and Yuichiro Nishimura

In this presentation, we will discuss to evaluate the activity level of creating OSM data, which update frequency, the number of users involved and the communication data via a Note...

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Swiss community services

by michael spreng

The Swiss OpenStreetMap Association provides a few services to the Swiss community. This lightning talk provides an overview of the services and how much resources in time and hardware are...

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Sunday's Lightning talks

Archiving of 33 historic facilities with multilayered geo-open data.

by Tatsuhiro Miyamori

In the Aizu area where there is Aizuwakamatsu City, serialized historical religious facilities are scattered. These are called thirty-three goddards and are symbols of religious local residents. Each religious facility...

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Bus stop maintenance in Switzerland

by michael spreng

In 2010 we imported the federal register of public transport stops in Switzerland. Over time there has been a steady flow of stops being removed, newly created and moved. I...

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by 坂ノ下 勝幸


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The inclusion of small OpenStreetMap communities

by Tommy G D Charles

This will be a session to highlight the constraints faced by mappers in smaller OpenStreetMap communities and possible suggestions on how to get their full participation and cooperation. This will...

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TIL@AGU - Today I Learned at Aoyama Gakuin Univ.

by Taichi FURUHASHI's students

Furuhashi Lab’s students will explain about What are we learned, How to leaned and What do we aim for? We will share student mappers mind.

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EpiNurse: Participatory monitoring for health security on disaster

by Sakiko Kanbara

Our aim is to develop a disaster risk reduction method to ensure health security in disaster prone communities. Collaborating with local Nepali nurses, named as EpiNurses (Epidemiology+Nurse), who conduct a...

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So many styling languages: but few who care?

by Stefan Keller

Vector tiles are nifty and will become part of the future web (and mobile) software stack. But something is striking: There are so many different styling languages (Mapnik XML, Mapnik...

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