Sunday Lightning talk, Main hall

Sakiko Kanbara 30min

University of Kochi

Our aim is to develop a disaster risk reduction method to ensure health security in disaster prone communities. Collaborating with local Nepali nurses, named as EpiNurses (Epidemiology+Nurse), who conduct a participatory monitoring by using ICT tool kit. We would integrate the human and other dimensions for risk identification through improved health, which in a way challenges the conventional participatory monitoring and mapping system which require real-time or near real-time, population-based, statistical alarms to alert to unusual activity. They collect information about and mitigate communicable disease risks under disaster condition (water, sanitation, food, and shelter) and in identification of high risk and vulnerable population including unique needs of family in disaster. The analyzed data is visualized in Open StreetMap that were in particular proved to offer great potential in disaster. The teams are in Japan, Philippine, Nepal, Indonesia and Congo .